Monday, October 22, 2012

Bear Fruit Apple Chips Review

 Being 7 Months Pregnant and gained 26 pounds already I have been put in a strict diet..Ughh. Being in a wheelchair I cant burn very many calories so I have to really watch what and how much I eat anyways, and being a southern family that loves food  you can only imagine how hard it is for me to eat healthy!! So I have been on the hunt for healthy tasty foods that the whole family likes, and I came across Bare Fruit Snacks. I was given the opportunity to try there Cinnamon Apple Chips.

 When I opened the bag the smell was amazing it reminded me of fall with the fresh apples and cinnamon! They are crunchy unlike some fruit chips I have had in the past, and they actually taste like real apples! I really enjoyed them and can't wait to try more of there products!
The fact that there 100 Percent organic and made with organic cinnamon is a HUGE plus knowing what I'm feeding my family is very important to me!

Emma's Review

Me: Emma do you like Apple Chips?
Emma: Yes
That's good enough for me as the very picky eater she is ( she ate the whole bowl)!!

Also Baby Opie thought they smelled good too!

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