Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Take it easy with a 2 year old...Hahahahah

I have had urinary tract/bladder problems pretty much my whole life, but when im pregant the become much much worse. As most of you know a uti can be very dangerous during pregnancy!! 

Well I got a call yesterday from my urologist saying that a have a very bad uti and because of the type of bacteria it is only iv and one oral antibiotics can be taken. Well of course the only pill is not safe during pregnancy....sooo he decided to put on on a pill antibiotic in the same "category" as the iv ones. Were hoping and praying this pill works!!! I have been given the "Take it easy and get some rest for a few days" task...and yes that is a task with a hyper non stop 2 year old!!

We haven't done much today watched what seems like a million episodes of Spongebob and read some books and played on the kindle. It's been a pretty boring day, but I have to suck it up and do whats best me and Baby Mason!!

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