Friday, November 9, 2012

People WANT to be in a Wheelchair?!?!?!

As I was flipping threw channels last night before going to bed I stopped on a show called Taboo. I just happened to be on an episode where a lady WANTED to be a paraplegic! She used a wheelchair and wore leg braces BUT could walk there was nothing wrong with her! There was no words to describe what I was feeling. Me and Tim just sat there with out mouths open! 

Now this lady had a disorder where he body was telling her she should not be able to walk, and she believes she should be in a wheelchair. I was speechless with all of this I can accept people have many different mental disorders, But what burned my bridges is she wants a surgery to make her a paraplegic!!  

I could not believe what I was hearing it made me sick to my stomach! I have been in a wheelchair for 4 years now from a car accident! There is not a day that goes by that I don't wish I could walk again my life would be so much easier. And to think that there is people who wants to in my shoes ( or should I say Wheels) living the life I live with struggles everyday makes me so MAD! I am baffled that someone would want to be a paraplegic its not fun at all I don't understand how someone would want to live this way??



  1. I saw this exact same episode a while back. I understand she has a disorder but it still came across as insane to me.

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  2. My son is 15 and is in a wheelchair. When we go visit family, we cant get his wheelchair in the house so he scoots on his bottom. It is hard on him to be seen by all the kids who have to watch the floor to make sure they dont step on him. I can't imagine someone wanting to be in a wheelchair.