Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Roll and Play Game Review

Roll and Play Game

Emma loves to play games I think a family game night will defiantly be in our future! Even though candy land is fun we try throw in some educational games that she think are just as fun! Well they are not to many out there for he age. 
I was given an opportunity to review Thinkfun Roll and Play game for toddlers. Its a cute stuffed cube perfect for small hands with different colors on each side. You roll the cube and what color it lands on you draw that card. Each card has a different topic like actions, animal sounds, body parts, colors, counting, and emotions. This is a super simple game with no winner of loser just plain fun! Emma REALLY enjoyed this game she was laughing and having a great time not realizing she was actually learning!! We have played this game several times a day for the past week and she hasn't got tired of it yet! 

Shhhh...I didnt say this but its actually kind of fun for adults too.

Roll and Play is for 18 months and up ( my daughter is 3 and had a blast)

You can buy it here on Amazon for $17.99

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  1. My son would love this! He is 4 and loves games.-Erinn of