Thursday, May 30, 2013

Tie dyeing for the first time!

This weekend me and Tim tie dyed for the first time!! 
I was a lot of fun and super easy

Sorry I didn't take any pictures my camera was dead :(

I bought a Tye Dye kit from Hobby Lobby (My fav store btw!!)
You can get these kits anywhere even Wal-Mart

It had every thing you needed except soda ash and that was right in the same section and of course you need to buy your shirts or what ever your dyeing

First you get a bucket or you can use your sink and fill with 1 gallon of hot water and you pour in your soda ash. Mix it up then add in your shirts and let sit for 1 hour.

In the kit there is instructions on a few different designs we just did them bc this was are first time 
after we got our shirts all rubber banded up we just used the squirted bottles and out dye anywhere on the shirt.
 Let set for 24 hours rinse the dye out and wash and your done

I had no ideal how they were going to turn out and to my surprise they turned out super cute :)

You basically just  follow instructions of the boxs and they will be amazing!

Free Maxwell House K-Cups :D

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Mommy Vent

We had to take Mason to the Hospital on Mothers Day because he was really really sick come to find out he had RSV and and Ear Infection :(  Everyone else caught the cold and has been sick for weeks. Sooo... I'm WAY behind on the house work.

 Finally, today I planed to get cleaning because more than likely we will have a lot of company this weekend. 

Well, that is not going as planned..Mason just wants to be held. When I finally get him to sleep and out of my arms Emma  decides to come running and yelling threw the house.
 Apparently she has for gotten what be quite means

Thankfully Tim has a 3 day weekend and we can get everything back in order!!

Thursday, May 23, 2013

4 months already!

I cant believe Mason is already 4 months don't seem possible
He hasn't rolled over yet but it wont be long he's starting to try :)

He's now eating solids and LOVES them. 


Tuesday, May 21, 2013

How to Clean Your Washer

My washer was VERY dirty, nasty in fact! I didn't really want to show the world how dirty it was. Then I realized I have 2 kids one is a new born and the other is 3 and is potty training and the lover works at a printing plant...soooo its going to get dirty!

I had tried the cleaning tablets for front loaders and well I'm cheap and they dont work as well as they say. So I knew there was a cheeper/better way out there! I go to my go to place..pintrest. Low and behold I found what I was looking for.
All you need is VINEGAR plan ol' white vinager!
I poured about 3ish cups into all the compartments in the drawer 
Set it to sanitary and let it wash

AMAZING...It was like a new washer no spoiled smell and it was all shiny!!
I had a lot of build up on the glass of the door as you can see in the photo and it didn't all come off but all I had to do was wipe it with a paper towel and it came right off!!

I defiantly will not be buying those expensive washer cleaners that god knows what is in them when vinegar is all you need! 


Monday, May 20, 2013


After the long 6 months I took off for the birth of my son I'm finally back! 
So let me catch you all up:

Welcome Mr. Mason Carter
January 22, 2013
7lbs 2oz

Now he's 4 months old and a whopping 17lbs 

Emma is loving her new big sister role!

I have a lot of things planned so stay tuned