Monday, June 3, 2013

We LOVE our Blooming Bath

To start off Mr. Handsome hates baths we tried the traditional plastic bath but he wasn't having that at all! 
We tried the sink..No luck there! 

I found this

Safety 1st Secure Support Infant Bath Cradle At Walmart one day and it helped ALOT with the freakouts but he still didn't care for a bath :(

I entered a giveaway on Everything Mommyhood for a Blooming Bath and Little to my surprise I won (I never win anything btw)
I was VERY impressed with the company less then a week 4 days after getting the email I won It was on my front door! 
So of course I had to try this bad boy out asap

That's his hurry up Mom look
Not even a single tear, and I even go a little grin out of him....
The Blooming Bath is my LIFESAVER!!!

We will be using this for a very long time
They are $39.99 on

Now I will tell you as you can see I only have one large sink and I'm pretty sure the Blooming Bath is made for a double sink. It does slip around some some but Mason is starting to set up some and that makes it a little easier, But I would be very cautious putting in a newborn with no neck control in just the one large sink. In a "normal" sink you will be just fine it will cradle them.


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